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What's caststorage?

caststorage.com is a service that allows you to view your current active Farcaster storage units, your usage and buy more if needed.

What's a storage unit?

Farcaster requires that every user has storage units to preserve casts, reactions and follows, each storage unit has the capacity for

  • 5000 casts
  • 2500 follows
  • 2500 reactions

Each storage unit is valid for a year and currently costs ~$3 (paid in ETH).

Is this price fixed?

No, storage unit prices change depending on the number of units currently owned globally on Farcaster with a max number of 500,000 units available.

297,007 storage units are left.

What happens when your storage expires or you go over your limit?

If you go over your storage limits, hubs will start pruning old data immediately after around 60 minutes.

If your storage has expired there is a grace period of ~30 days to buy more storage after that Farcaster hubs will start pruning your older activity data.

Effects of this will be accounts you followed are no longer being followed and older casts of yours not being available.

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