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Why do I need a bot to tell me about my Farcaster usage?

When you go over your Farcaster storage limit or when your storage units expire, Farcaster hubs will start deleting your older activity data.

Effects of this will be that you begin unfollowing some accounts, older casts of yours being deleted and reactions you made being removed from casts.

What's does the Farcaster storage bot do?

It's a Farcaster bot (@caststorage) that will send you casts when you're close to your storage limit or when your storage units are about to expire.

How much does it cost?

The bot costs 0.001313ETH (~$4-$8) for a year of monitoring and alerts.

When will it alert me?

You will receive a cast from the bot when you hit 90% of your current limits for casts, reactions or follows.

Or when there are 14 days left before your storage units expire.

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Please note: this subscription is for bot notifications and does not include storage, please visit caststorage.com to buy storage.

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